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Glendi 2021

A wonderful Greek Glendi was held over the long weekend, 27 & 28 February, and the Cazzies excelled in their efforts, producing beautiful quality Greek Glyka - Baklava, Strava, Kourambiethes, Paximathia, Finikia, Melomakarona, Koulouria, Pastelli and more, and also providing the crowds with cool drinks during the warm days. Thank you for your amazing support.
Glendi 2021

CHRISTMAS KOUVENDA – Saturday 28th Nov

Father Christmas couldn't wait to visit us again this year, as he arrived in his slick white sleigh, helped by the "Christmas Belles".
Father Christmas arrives

His travels took him from the South pole to Greece and then on to us - so of course we welcomed him with a hearty rendition of "Trigona Kalanta" (Τρ?γωνα  κ?λαντα) and Jingle Bells in Australian.
On the verandah

After distributing gifts to the children, we enjoyed a lunch of Fish and Chips, and cakes and coffee.

CHRISTMAS KOUVENDA – Saturday 30th Nov 2019

The sound of Jingle Bells rang out across the neighbourhood yesterday as Father Christmas arrived at Castellorizian House for the Christmas Kouvenda. The children followed Father Christmas into the house where they listened to the 'Zephyros School' class choir sing Trigonta Kalanda in Greek, and afterwards, received gifts from Father Christmas. The house was full of laughter as the children played with their new toys and their parents enjoyed morning tea. (See below for words to song).
The Castellorizian Association holds an Open Morning “Kouvenda” on the last Saturday of each month (except for December).

Jingle Bells Welcome 2

A 'Jingle Bells' welcome at Cazzie House.

Santa With Belles
Father Christmas with Georgia, Mia and Chrissafina, the Christmas Belles.

Opening presents

Excited 'Little Cazzies' opening their presents.


Tri-go-na  ka-lan-da

Skor-pi-san  pav-tou

Ka-the  spi-ti  mia  fo-lia

Tou  Mi-krou  Cri-stou


Tri-go-na  ka-lan-da

Me’ stin  yee-ton-yia

Eer-than  ta  Cri-stou-yen-a

Ki  ee  Pro-to-cron-ya


As-tro  fo-ti-no

Tha  vgi  yor-ti-no

mi-vi-ma  na  fe-ri

ap  ton  ou-ra-no


As-pro  fo-ti-no

Tha  vgi  yor-ti-no

mi-vi-ma  na  fe-ri

ap  ton  ou-ra-no


Τρί-γω-να  κά-λαν-τα,

σκÏŒρ-πι-σαν  παν-τού.

κά-θε σπί-τι μια φω-λιά

του μι-κρού Χρι-στού.

Τρί-γω-να  κά-λαν-τα,

με’  ςστη  γει-τον-ιά

ήρ-θαν  τα  Χρι-στού-γενν-α

κι  η  Πρω-το-χρον-ιά


Άσ-τρο  φω-τει-νÏŒ,

Θα  `βγει  γιορ τι νÏŒ

Μή-νυ-μα  θα  φέ-ρει

ΑπÏŒ  τον  ου-ρα-νÏŒ


Άσ-τρο  φω-τει-νÏŒ,

Θα  `βγει  γιορ τι νÏŒ

Μή-νυ-μα  θα  φέ-ρει

ΑπÏŒ  τον  ου-ρα-νÏŒ




FINAL COOKING CLASS FOR 2019 -Sat 23rd November 

The last Cazzie Cooking Class for 2019 was on Saturday 23 November. Anita Verne Filmer, demonstrated Piperies (peppers) stuffed with Feta with additional layers of tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and fresh herbs.

It was again a very popular class with over 50 members present with many cooking and others observing. It was great to have males and children come along to this class.
CC Juniors

A Christmas afternoon tea followed the class with so many delicious and beautiful savouries and sweets made by members for all to enjoy.

CC Group

Jim Manifis, President of the Castellorizian Association of WA also came that afternoon to speak to the members and thank them for their contributions throughout the year.
CC Presentation

PERTH GREEK FESTIVAL - Sat 26th October 2019

Twenty volunteers from the Cazzie Cooking Class made many quality Greek sweets to assist Frankie Papas for the cake stall she organised for the Perth Greek Festival on Saturday 26 October.

The money from the sale of the sweets was donated to Saints Constantine and Helene Church.

It was a great success for all who participated to this worthy cause.

Perth Festival


FLAVOURS OF GREECE - Sat 8th Sept 2019

‘Flavours of Greece’ was sponsored by the Hellenic Community of WA and the Castellorizian Association of WA at the Perth Royal Show 2019. Showcased were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes of Kourabiedes and Spanakopita entries on all show days by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA.                                                                               

Congratulation to all the prize winners listed below:


1st Eva Magriplis - Member of the Cazzie Cooking Class
2nd Paraskevi Terzoudi - Member of the Cazzie Cooking Class
3rd Mary Milne


1st Libby Colyvas -  Member of the Cazzie Cooking Class
2nd Mary Milne 
3rd Sarah Paul

Group Winners

 Eva Magriplis was awarded the overall ‘Flavours of Greece’ winner achieved by a point system by the main organiser of the cookery sections.

Eva Magriplis

The demonstrations of Baklava were on Saturday 28 September by Anita Verne Filmer assisted by Helen Anastasas and Gianniotika
Baklava cutting

Kataifi Rounds on Sunday 29 September by Mary Raftopoulos and assisted by Libby Colyas from 10.00am - 11.00am and 1.00pm - 2.00pm on both days.

Mary and Libby

The recipe book ‘from our GREEK KITCHEN to yours’ was on sale during and after each demonstration. Rose Kalaf, Vanessa Kalaf, Anita Verne Filmer and Helen Anastasas volunteered to assist with the promotion and sale of books.


COOKING CLASS Sat 20th July 2019

On Saturday 20 July the Cazzie Cooking Class had Libby Colyvas demonstrating samsathes for a practical session for members. Libby had Mary Raftopoulos assisting that afternoon.
Libby Demonstrating
The samsathes recipe originally came from Lemnos and is a variation of the traditional baklava. The class was great opportunity to add another delicious Greek sweet recipe to every one’s collection.

The newly renovated kitchen was used on the day and members of the class were impressed with the new appliances, the set up and how easy it was to work in.
Ladies Cooking

This was a very successful class with a wonderful atmosphere of people enjoying themselves, chatting, socialising while still busy following Libby’s easy step by step method in making samsathes and then enjoying a delicious afternoon tea.
Finished Samanthes

STORY TIME-27th July 2019

The Centre for Stories in Northbridge hosts a monthly ‘Bread and Butter’ storytelling and dinner evening. On the evening of 27 July Mary Raftopoulos told the story of her family’s life in South Africa and their migration to Perth as South African Greeks.
Story Time Mary

Mary captivated the audience who listened with so much interest to the wonderful story she related. It was a night they will all fondly remember.
The Cazzie Cooking Class, of which Mary is a member, provided a two course Greek dinner on the night. Volunteers from the class gave generously of their time over three days in preparing moussaka, spanakopita, Greek salad, baklava and gianniotika. Guests on the evening thoroughly enjoyed the very tasty Greek food presented again by volunteers from the class.

During Mary’s thank-you after the evening she said,

“To my Australian Greek friends, a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story  … How fortunate we are, that we have been included into your ‘Cazzie Community’. You have embraced and welcomed the South African Greeks. We now feel that we belong.”

For further information you can go to the Centre for Stories website at

THE LADY OF RO - Saturday 1st June 2019

The Greek theatre production, The Lady of Ro, was performed will be performed on Saturday 1 June at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

The Castellorizian Association of WA is proud to have been associated with bringing this unique theatrical experience to Perth.  Perth Castellorizians who saw the production were deeply moved by the emotional rendition of a story that is so much a part of their history and heritage. 
Fotini Baxevani Lady of Ro
Fotin Baxevani as Despina

The Lady of Ro, producted by Fotini Baxevani and her companyis the story of Despina Achladioti who was born on the island of Kastellorizo in 1890. Despina and her husband went to live on the deserted island of Ro in 1927.  Their survival showed great fortitude and Despina in particular showed great courage and heroism, especially after her husband died. She flew the Greek flag every day from when she first arrived on the island until her death in 1982. The renowned Greek actress, Fotini Baxevani, brought Despina alive in an emotionally charged performance that was a truly inspiming theatrical event for the audience. 

Perth audiences were the first in Australia to see the critically acclaimed production that has already been performed in Kastellorizo, Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Patmos, Patras and Kozani. There are plans to take the production to America in 2020. 
Writer Lady of Ro

 Gianni Skaragos, the writer of The Lady of Ro, speaking to the audience.